Suhai's Update (09/21/2017)

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all your continuing prayers and for all the love you lavished on us while we were in the States. It wasn't easy to leave back for home. Tremendous amount of work awaited us as we had suspected, as well as many blessings. Here are some of the highlights of the past month:

- Sonship Conference (2/year). It is always amazing to see how the very same old gospel of the love of God transforms lives and creates genuine fellowship of broken, hurting people. Almost all of the participants' hearts were deeply touched by the gospel and we had a great team (of 8) doing the teaching and counseling.

- Back to school. Praise the Lord for over 100 students in 3 years at the Sonship Academy (56 in 1st year, 36 in 2nd year, 16 in 3rd year). This year I started with Christian Ethics (with special focus on Consumerism and the use of Technology) and will be teaching Biblical Theology and OT Bible Content throughout the year.

Annual Roma Feast.  Although not a matter for praise in itself, but it was a great opportunity to reconnect with the Roma. (Watch the video to get a feel of the reconnection! Welcome to the real world!)

- Visiting other Roma churches and welcoming friends/disciples into our home.

Paper Brick Maker. What a deal! 

A most cost effective way to heat during the winter instead of or along with fire wood. All you need is lots of paper (you can get as much cardboard boxes as you want from local stores for free and as much saw dust as you get as you can get when you saw the firewood). Unfortunately the bricks need hot, dry whether and we were only introduced to this equipment at the end of the summer so we/the Romas will only be able to start "mass" production in Spring 2018. We will have to get ready by then! It will be quite a job to get 10-15.000 bricks done per family (this is how much a family need for the whole winter), but they will have the whole summer! Please pray that they would indeed be ready to do that! It would be awesome if they started to get the hang of it and see the immediate fruit of their labor...  

- Praise the Lord for new converts! Three ladies (to the right) have given their lives to Jesus since we came back from the States. Jesus is truly alive and continues to destroy the works of the devil (1 Jn 3:8)! Anna, our deaconess has been faithfully discipling these ladies and the kids. She is such a blessing! (She was primarily in charge while we were in the States.)

- Praise the Lord for a very blessed summer retreat for Roma kids! Volunteers from the local Roma congregation and from three different Hungarian churches were involved. We are hoping that this Roma ministry will have a lasting impact on Hungarian church folks especially on the younger generation.

I could go on and on, but I just have to stop here and we'll pick it up from here...

With His Love,

Gyorgy, Timi, Anna & Beni